odvjetničko društvo smolek škrinjar odvjetničko društvo smolek škrinjar odvjetničko društvo smolek škrinjar

Office information

Law firm Smolek & Škrinjar Ltd is providing a full range of legal services in Croatia in the areas of law typically relevant to corporate clients and public agencies.

Having served international and local clients in their Croatian legal undertakings we have developed a legal practice aiming at the highest standards of expertise and reliability.

Primary goal of our company is providing quality and efficient legal services adopted to interests and needs of our clients.

We offer legal service to international and Croatian corporations starting or developing their operation in the Republic of Croatia weather regarding day-to-day business or sophisticated transactions.

A unique blend of professional experience, education and training ensures that we are fully accomplished to work on the most complex legal assignments while always being committed to deliver the cutting-edge legal service. We focus on building trust between the firm and its clients, the continuous commitment to understanding and caring about our clients' businesses and providing consistent high quality services ensured a long-term relationship with many of our clients.